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Do You Own Your Business, or Does Your Business Own You?
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    We help entrepreneurs and leaders move from employees to executives

    PRIME Consulting was birthed out of multiple entrepreneurial endeavours, a business exit and the many lessons along the way. Overcoming plateaus, pushing past survival mode, and optimizing businesses to peak efficiency and growth were some of the main challenges that led us to start a boutique consulting firm that serves businesses and entrepreneurs in two ways: one, by coaching them to find extreme clarity on who they are and why they exist so that their strategy is driven from a place of want, not just need – and secondly, by working within the business to help execute and implement these changes and actually take ground in a tangible way.

    Our approach is different – in that we don’t just consult with lofty ideas, we help oversee and optimize real change in your business. So whether you’re a small business or start-up, or have an existing operation, a workforce and longevity – there’s always an opportunity to turn high business potential into increased business performance. Stop just working in your business, and let’s start working on it.

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    The PRIME Way

    It all starts with saying, yes!

    Do you find yourself:

    • Struggling with the week to week, unable to see the grass from the weeds?
    • Wanting to see growth, but unsure where to start?
    • Praying that the finances work themselves out, unsure of how much profit you’re actually making?
    • Worrying about becoming irrelevant in your field or industry?
    • Suffering from imposter syndrome when it comes to your professional endeavors?
    • Wondering if you’re good enough as you play the comparison game to other businesses and leaders?

    You’re not alone. Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship and being an owner / leader / manager in the business world!

    So the question is – will you stay stuck? Or are you ready to scale into success? Let’s talk.

    Ready to start?

    We coach businesses, executives, leaders and entrepreneurs to find solutions that work today, develop strategy for tomorrow and scale their businesses into the future. Simply put - let's grow together.

    When you find “why” you’re doing it, all of your efforts become focused into building your purpose
    Are you maximizing your output and do your actions lead to success?
    If you can predict it, you can profit from it! Let’s build great systems into your life.
    Let’s work on things that actually affect your bottom line. Profit > Revenue


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